Do you accept merchants from all over the world?

Yes, we do! With offices in Amsterdam and San Francisco, the gay centers of the world, we cater to gay adult webmasters worldwide.

Do you accept websites containing niche adult content?

Yes, we do. Our compliance department can inform you if your niche adult content would be approved.

Is GayCharge different than Verotel?

GayCharge is a registered trademark of Verotel. As a registered Electronic Money Institution and payment facilitator for VISA and MasterCard, Verotel operates the licenses to provide credit card transaction services.

Verotel's services include Verotel BASIC and PREMIUM. For high volume accounts Verotel operates CardBilling. These three account types are rebranded to GayCharge for the gay community.

In addition to the regular processing services, merchants processing with GayCharge will have their customer's sexual identity protected.

Is my money safe with GayCharge?

As GayCharge is a brand of Verotel, your funds are held in an escrow account managed by Verotel. Verotel is a licensed Electronic Money Institution and supervised by the Dutch Central Bank. Your money is safe with GayCharge. GayCharge never missed a payment.

How do you protect my customer's sexual identity?

GayCharge offers a solution for gay webmasters that want to ensure that their customer’s sexual identity is never revealed. GayCharge combines billing support for your customers with the highest privacy standards. For example, when a partner or spouse of a cardholder sends an email or calls our 24x7 support team, we will not disclose your website name or URL.

When do you pay?

GayCharge pays weekly. You can be paid by wire, ACH, check or PayPal. More information about your payments can be found at the GayCharge Control Center.

Do you accept non-gay webmasters?

Non-gay webmasters are welcome to sign up with GayCharge anyway, if their content is gay related (in fact, GayCharge provides services to the entire LGBTQ community). If you feel your content is more mainstream please take a look at the product offering of Verotel, CardBilling or Bill.