Products and Pricing

GayCharge online billing solutions are perfect for businesses of any size.

Looking to get started without needing to provide any history? Or are you a veteran in the online entertainment industry? GayCharge PINK, PURPLE and BLACK offer tailor-made solutions to suit all your business needs.

Integration with GayCharge is a breeze. Choose the management subscription option (Remote User Manager) and have this installed at no charge or go FlexPay API - an innovative way to charge your customers.

GayCharge PINK

Perfect for new online businesses, GayCharge PINK charges a 15.5% fixed fee and does not require any history or minimum transactions. With GayCharge PINK you are able to get free installation of the Remote User Manager, customize your order page and receive 24/7 customer service for your members. The PINK account carries an annual registration fee of EUR 500.00 for Visa and MasterCard registration.

Weekly Volume (EUR) GayCharge (credit card)
Any 15.5%
Fees Amount
One-time setup fee EUR 0.00
Annual registration fee EUR 500.00

GayCharge PURPLE

GayCharge PURPLE offers merchants lower transaction fees based on their processing volume. GayCharge PURPLE allows multi-currency processing and setting your price in a local currency specific to the geographic market you are targeting.

Merchants applying for a GayCharge PURPLE account are required to provide 6 months of processing history and have a minimum weekly volume of EUR 100.00 in transaction volume.

Catering to high volume or established merchants, GayCharge PURPLE accounts have no annual registration and set-up fee but are charged EUR 25.00 if the weekly volume is less than EUR 1,000.00.

Weekly Volume (EUR) GayCharge (credit card)
1 - 1,000 14.0%
1,000 - 2,000 13.9%
2,001 - 3,000 13.8%
3,001 - 4,000 13.7%
4,001 - 5,000 13.6%
5,001 - 7,000 13.5%
7,000 - 10,000 13.4%
10,001 - 17,500 13.3%
17,501 - 25,000 13.2%
25,001 - 40,000 13.1%
40,000 + 13.0%

GayCharge BLACK

The perfect solution for merchants looking for a low transaction rate of just 5.0% GayCharge BLACK accounts do not require any history or minimum transaction volume. GayCharge BLACK accounts carry an annual registration fee of USD 500.00 for VISA and MasterCard registration and a USD 500.00 one-time setup fee.

Weekly Volume (EUR) GayCharge (credit card)
Any 5.0%
Fees Amount
One-time setup fee USD 500.00
Annual registration fee USD 500.00

Price and Comparison Chart

Service GayCharge PINK GayCharge PURPLE GayCharge BLACK
Accepted merchants Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
High risk accepted Yes Yes Yes
Weekly processing requirement None Yes None
Webcam billing Yes Yes Yes
Phone and email support for your customers Included Included Included
Affiliate Marketing Included Included Included
NATS4 compatible Yes Yes Yes
Customizable order pages Yes Yes Yes
FlexPay API Yes Yes Yes
Multi-currency No Yes No
Your own descriptor Yes Yes Yes
Annual registration fee EUR 500.00
Annual renewal fees will be waived if your transaction volume is at least EUR 100.00 per week on your renewal date
GayCharge PURPLE merchants should provide 6 months of processing statements to open an account
USD 500.00 + USD 500.00 Setup Fee
The one-time setup of USD 500.00 is charged at the opening of your account
Chargeback fees No No USD 45.00
Refund fee No No No
Weekly fee No EUR 25.00 week (only if Weekly Volume is less than EUR 1,000.00) No
Pricing non-recurring transactions 15.5% See rates above 5.0%
Pricing recurring Rate + 1.5% Rate + 1.5% Rate + 1.5%
Price US-Check 15.5% 14.0% Not available
Price Direct Debit Europe 15.5% 14.0% Not available
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Chargebacks and your GayCharge account

Chargebacks are the reversals of transactions initiated by the cardholder. The reasons for chargebacks are when customers don’t receive the service offering they expected, fraud, incorrect amounts and many others.

While GayCharge has many anti-fraud systems in place chargebacks will occur. Banks are penalizing GayCharge for these chargebacks by imposing extra costs.

As compensation for these costs GayCharge adds these costs to all applicable GayCharge accounts. GayCharge PINK and GayCharge PURPLE accounts impose the chargeback costs as a surcharge on top of the processing base rate, if a certain minimum of transactions occur. GayCharge BLACK accounts impose the chargeback costs as a USD 45.00 fee per chargeback.

Chargeback costs for GayCharge PINK and PURPLE

The Chargeback costs for GayCharge PINK and PURPLE are based on the number of transactions in the last four weeks (with a two week lag period). If there have been more than 50 transactions and the chargeback ratio is 1% or more then the processing base rate will be increased with a 2.5% surcharge.

Payment Fees

Payment type Features Price
US Check US registered merchants USD 2.50
ACH US registered merchants only USD 0.00
International Check Non-US registered merchants USD 0.00
Wire transfer Wires to a EURO account, with IBAN in EU EUR 7.50
Wires to a USD account USD 30.00
Wires to a British account GBP 15.00
PayPal PayPal payments in EURO currency Cost of PayPal + EUR 17.50
PayPal payments in USD currency Cost of PayPal + USD 17.50
PayPal payments in GBP currency Cost of PayPal + GBP 15.00

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