Customizable Order Pages that Convert

Make the most money from each individual user that clicks your JOIN NOW or BUY NOW button. GayCharge multi-lingual order pages require minimal amount of information from your user, effortlessly converting your online visitors into paying customers.

GayCharge offers a range of free services for your website, including a service to personalize your order page with your own logo and colours. There are various integration options available.


OpenAffiliate is a turn-key and fully integrated affiliate marketing program that allows you to recruit and manage affiliates on the Internet. Having other websites advertise your services or content is an effective way of generating more traffic and increasing revenue.

Affiliates that already have a GayCharge ID can add your campaign to their traffic inventory with just one click. Supporting video, flexible landing pages and image galleries, GayCharge will track the sales that are generated and pay out your chosen affiliate commissions on your behalf.

OpenAffiliate is used by tens of thousands affiliates and resellers around the world.

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Remote User Manager

Remote User Manager (RUM) is a script that is installed on your server and offers the possibility to add, modify and delete subscribers remotely using a 'Postback' (a HTTP call to the server of the merchant). Once a subscriber has signed up and made a payment, Remote User Manager will generate a username and password that gives your customer access to your website and will be valid for the duration of their subscription.

Please complete an "installation request" in the GayCharge Control Center if you are not able to install the Remote User Management script then a GayCharge Specialist will contact you to setup your script at no charge.

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FlexPay allows merchants to charge for content and send any amount and any description directly to GayCharge order pages. Next to one-time purchases, FlexPay supports subscriptions, where it's possible to sell subscriptions without setting them up beforehand in the GayCharge Control Center. FlexPay also supports upgrades and downgrades of such subscriptions.

FlexPay is the perfect dynamic pricing solution for your:

  • camsites
  • pay per view sites
  • pay per download sites
  • shopping cart systems
  • token / credit purchase systems

Because FlexPay installations are very unique to each individual business we are able to advise but are unable to fully install FlexPay for you. Of course we will be glad to assist you with any problems or difficulties you may have using this software.

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Control Center API

The Control Center API extends the functionality of the GayCharge Control Center from your own interface. With the Control Center API you can obtain extensive reports, cancel future billings, downgrade sales and refund transactions. The Control Center API is a very powerful tool that - once integrated - provides you all the flexibility you need to run your online business.

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